Jude Acers

Throwback Thursday: Kane Webb’s ‘The Great Jude Acers’   Recently updated !

The Great Jude Acers by Kane Webb/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette September 2, 2007 LITTLE ROCK — NEW ORLEANS “Still five dollars a game?” I ask the man in the red beret, his nose buried in the New York Times. “Have a seat!” says Jude Acers, stuffing the Times under his folding table […]

Bobby Fischer’s 1964 Visit to Baton Rouge & New Orleans

The Mind of a Grandmaster – Report of a visit; Robert James Fischer; Chess Death, Inc. Baton Rouge March 24-25: 1 a.m. 128 Graham Hall Louisiana State University. Memories. HE IS HERE. WALKING. TALKING. SMILING. LAUGHING. HE IS ALIVE. HE BREATHES. IT IS TRUE BUT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. […]

Throwback Thursday: John Parsons Edition

JUDE ACERS REMEMBERS JOHN PARSONS THURSDAY JOHN PARSONS FLASHBACK … “What the world needs more of is…more bad girls. Yes, more bad girls.” (New Orleans, Louisiana, 1993). John Parsons/former Louisiana state chess champion … also Louisiana ranked tennis player. John Parsons_Bad Girls from K&D Photo + Video on Vimeo.