Jude Acers

CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS/May 15, 2019   Recently updated !

World chess federation ends “fraud by draw agreement” to move 40/declares 2 hours flat/40 move time control /NEVER ANY TIME ADDED … ALSO declares knockout ELIMINATION in all world candidate/final world title match This just in from the brand new Lausanne, Switzerland World Chess Federation (FIDE) headquarters: “Fraud by draw […]

Morphy Chess & Cultural Center Opens in New Orleans

Via Chess Life Online: The Morphy Chess & Cultural Center (“Morphy”) celebrated its grand opening in New Orleans on Friday, April 5 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting, tandem simuls and one heckuva party! The opening was the start to a weekend of chess where Louisiana would be running multiple events […]

ChessFlash World News/Feb 23, 2019 2

This just in … GREAT AMERICAN CHESS LEGEND/problemist/chess author/San Francisco advertising executive chess master R. E. Burger dies at age 88 … defeated Fischer in 11 moves / April 13, 1964 Mr. Burger was in the  chess backstreets always with the epic 25 year running CALIFORNIA CHESS REPORTER MAGAZINE   (Guthrie […]

ChessFlash World News/Jan 20, 2019 1

New Orleans professional chess master/monster Chesslab.com road machine Jude Acers to give huge Houston, Texas area ABSOLUTELY FREE CHESS LECTURE /EXHIBITION. EIGHT SCHOOLS VERSUS ACERS “Mr.humble” !!! Worldwide live media coverage … set for Waller, Texas High School from 4-8 p.m., Tue., February 26, 2019 …. absolutely free ALL SPECTATORS/MEDIA […]