Bobby Fischer’s 1964 Visit to Baton Rouge & New Orleans

The Mind of a Grandmaster – Report of a visit; Robert James Fischer; Chess Death, Inc. Baton Rouge March 24-25: 1 a.m. 128 Graham Hall Louisiana State University. Memories. HE IS HERE. WALKING. TALKING. SMILING. LAUGHING. HE IS ALIVE. HE BREATHES. IT IS TRUE BUT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. […]

Jude Acers Simul Fundraiser for Zervigon/Patterson

JUDE ACERS CHESS SIMUL ON SAT., NOV. 15 TO ASSIST ZERVIGON/PATTERSON FAMILY As many of you know, Lusher chess player Ana Zervigon’s family recently experienced a tragic fire. Chess legend Jude Acers has generously offered to play a simultaneous chess game (“simul”) against as many as fifty opponents, to help […]