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Two brief audio recordings by Ron Black @ Open Sound New Orleans:


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Now in its second edition, it’ll sell for hundreds of years … it’s really amazing, and when you read the foreword to the second edition, written by Robert Burger, you’re going to love it.

From Burger’s foreword:

Jude Acers is undoubtedly the guy who did the most on this book. I consider Jude one of the best friends of chess in the world, from long experience with him. Many may think him a ‘mad man,’ but so they would think of Socrates and Galileo and, for that matter, Mikhail Tal.

I wake up in the morning (and) I’m incredibly happy. I play the radio, drink instant coffee, I love instant coffee. I wrote The Italian Gambit System, volume one and volume two, I used Folger’s instant coffee, I wrote the whole book using Folger’s, highly recommend it, the medium roast. I expect Folger’s to send me a box or two when this plug gets out worldwide. And I will appear in commercials for them, for a proper fee of course.

From Jon Edwards’ review of The Italian Gambit System at his Chess Blog:

I’m excited to note that Jude has now committed his opening repertoire to print. It is a remarkable achievement, the sharing of a lifetime’s commitment to chess. The new book The Italian Gambit System provides a complete repertoire for white with 1.e4 as well as a plethora of chess anecdotes, fantastic quotes, and a perpetual dose of energy and enthusiasm from the game.

Most of us began chess playing 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 and moved away from it when it stopped working against strong competition. Rather than move away from it, Jude embraced it, finding new complexities that are guaranteed to challenge most of your club opponents. More than just that single opening, Jude also provides analysis on a series of aggressive lines for white. I had a wonderful time comparing his approach to my own. To my chagrin, he has me concluding that my approach has grown sedate and stodgy!

Other Published Works by Jude Acers

  • Berkeley Barb archives
  • Interview with Grandmaster Bent Larsen August 1968 in Aspen, Colorado (PDF)
  • Interview with Grandmaster Arnold Denker July 16, 1977 at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Greyhound bus station
  • Hurricane I & II (PDF) from A Legend On the Road: Bobby Fischer’s 1964 Simul Tour
  • Chessville Page

Published Works about Jude Acers

  • Michael Ciamarra wrote a profile of Jude when it was unclear what happened to him in the days after the levees failed in New Orleans in 2005. Ciamarra kept his readers updated about Jude’s remarkable survival story.
  • Ciamarra also wrote about a visit Jude made to a Birmingham, Alabama bookstore. “He owned Books & Company for the afternoon,” said Jeri Beck the bookstore events coordinator.  “We have authors come through all the time, big names, but none have ever been so captivating as Jude.”
  • Michael Tisserand wrote about the state of chess in New Orleans following Katrina. I came across two versions of this story, one on the USCF website and a longer version at the Blog of New Orleans.
  • Casey Bush’s charming account of his visit with Jude.
  • Jude says I should put that Teague article online, so here’s a link to a pdf of it*: [download]
  • Warren Porter, an LSU classmate of Jude’s, wrote a chess memoir.
  • remembrance by John Wise, who played Jude both at a simul in Washington state and on Decatur Street. (Note: An inactive email account for Russell Miller appears at the bottom of Wise’s piece; Mr. Miller would like to note his active email account is
  • “He’s fun. He loves kids and he’s funny,” said Pleasant Hill sixth-grader Adam Goldman, 11 (Memphis Commercial-Appeal).