Throwback Thursday: CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS/April 5, 2017

ARTHUR BISGUIER DIES AT 87 … THIS JUST IN FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES … America’s chess legend is gone. Chess grandmaster Arthur Bisquier, the last living witness to the entire 1950-2000 fabulous era United States grandmaster team of chess giants (RESHEVSKY, FINE, DENKER THE BYRNE BROTHERS, ROSSOLIMO, BENKO FISCHER, […]

Throwback Thursday: Kane Webb’s ‘The Great Jude Acers’

The Great Jude Acers by Kane Webb/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette September 2, 2007 LITTLE ROCK — NEW ORLEANS “Still five dollars a game?” I ask the man in the red beret, his nose buried in the New York Times. “Have a seat!” says Jude Acers, stuffing the Times under his folding table […]

Bobby Fischer’s 1964 Visit to Baton Rouge & New Orleans

The Mind of a Grandmaster – Report of a visit; Robert James Fischer; Chess Death, Inc. Baton Rouge March 24-25: 1 a.m. 128 Graham Hall Louisiana State University. Memories. HE IS HERE. WALKING. TALKING. SMILING. LAUGHING. HE IS ALIVE. HE BREATHES. IT IS TRUE BUT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. […]

Russell W. Miller Once Told Me

Russell W. Miller once told me, “I am not a genius. Quit calling me a genius. I do not want my name in print.” But make no mistake—that is exactly what Russell W. Miller was. Forty million copies of the Guinness Book of World Records reported his two monster 117-board […]

In Memoriam: Russell (Rusty) Miller, May 30, 1942 – Dec. 29, 2020

Jude Acers (Part XV: The Price is Austin of “The Road,” originally published in the Berkeley Barb, Sep 20-26 & Sep 27-Oct 3, 1974): It will be Miller who will watch in absolute awe as you move from $50 an appearance to a $1,000 per shot attraction. He is a […]