Acers Responds to L’affaire Niemann

John Hartmann @ Chess Life: One of the enduring values of print journalism is that it allows authors and readers time to think and digest. Those heady September days were thick with accusations and innuendo, and in real-time, it was very hard to do anything but surf the social media […]

Throwback Thursday: “we were chess players”

Originally published at July 15, 2015. By Dennis Fritzinger we were chess players once, and young; our songs are sung, our bells are rung. our names, that once tripped off the tongue, are now less than a heap of dung. while victory strews her wreaths among the present gen […]

Throwback Thursday: Tisserand’s ‘Fischer King’

SEPTEMBER 2015/THE all time great Tisserand documentary masterwork … hundreds of hours of labor… WITH MASSIVE just breaking AUDIO UP ON US CHESS FEDERATION WEB PAGE [player of episode embedded above] … The time is now … WE ARE THRILLED TO PRESENT ONE MO TIME … THIS MONSTER OLDIE BUT […]