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ChessFlash World News/Feb 23, 2019 2

This just in … GREAT AMERICAN CHESS LEGEND/problemist/chess author/San Francisco advertising executive chess master R. E. Burger dies at age 88 … defeated Fischer in 11 moves / April 13, 1964 Mr. Burger was in the  chess backstreets always with the epic 25 year running CALIFORNIA CHESS REPORTER MAGAZINE   (Guthrie […]


LOMBARDY DIES IN MARTINEZ CAIFORNIA AT AGE 79 San Francisco , California  — This just in from John Donaldson/ US world chess championship team Olympiad captain:  American chess immortal WILLIAM LOMBARDY (1957 WORLD JUNIOR CHESS CHAMPION WITH AN ASTOUNDING NEVER EQUALED 11-0 SCORE) … world  chess historical chess grandmaster figure (1972 Fischer world title […]