AS YOU KNOW R.J FISCHER TRIED TO DESTROY HIS MARVELOUS BOOK MY SIXTY MEMORABLE GAMES BY EMPLOYING HIS CONTRACT RIGHTS TO GET POSSESSION OF THE METAL PRINT PLATES … the plan .. STORE/DESTROY THEM IN GRANDMASTER LARRY EVANS’ 1968 UPPER FLOOR APARTMENT IN NEW YORK … CO AUTHOR-GRANDMASTER LARRY EVANS CLEVERLY saved momentarily the entire immortal manuscript by pointing out that the upper apartment floors would not hold the metal plate poundage, endangering the lives of people below … and conveniently LARRY EVANS did not have AT THE MOMENT (“Naturally I said no.. Jude, I am not madman!”) the MULTIPLE CAB RIDE CAR FARE necessary to loan Fischer to go get the plates. (Evans, even years later, was almost quaking in recollected fear … realizing the stakes … real immortality plus hundreds of man hours of now imminent vaporized labor right now … He outlined the rest of his truly wild west saga … in an incredible last interview with me at his home/Reno, 1973) … immediately following this chilling close call … with Fischer watching an old time gangster movie on television … going out the kitchen door exit … Evans briefly snuck away, FLEW DOWN THE STAIRS IN HIS HOUSE SLIPPERS … hit a phone booth like Clark Kent/Superman on the corner … to warn the publisher Simon & Schuster to move the plates to a hidden location fast and to get the book out pronto … certainly in a month or kiss its huge investment goodbye … Fischer was on the hunt … would get to the metal plates very soon … Fischer felt he was giving away too much chess theory his competitive preferences revealed in My 6o Memorable Games but Fischer procrastination delayed getting the entire book out for so long that 10 additional games were added … after the book was hastily published to the suddenly great joy of Fischer who actually witnessed it being sold in several New York book stores!! Standing in the distance in the book stores, murmuring, “Well, that is very encouraging” ( memories of Walter Browne, 2014 ). But the book had just one minor typo game score to boot … Fischer sent a letter to Schuster: NOT TO SEND HIM ANY MORE MONEY FROM THE BOOK/REFUSED TO PROVIDE A CASH ADDRESS … as you know by law publishers absolutely require a must pay address/audited for protection of copyright authors … if you cannot ADDRESS PAY THE COPY RIGHT AUTHOR you can’t just “put the money in escrow” and “promise” to pay by moonbeam express the copyright entitled author if and when you … Quote: “find the author” later … etc … this led to the nightmare previously noted … in order to keep the book in print unscrupulous, unfettered wildcat editions in foreign countries sprung up. That is what happened here. By the way, Fischer was later paid a land grant … plus the gift $100,000 cash American IN A SUITCASE at Budapest hotel … Personally delivered by World Chess Federation [FIDE] president Kirsan Ilumzhinov who belatedly noted the tragic injustice … FISCHER NEVER RECEIVED ANY ROYALTY MONEY FROM THE TRANSLATED THE RUSSIAN OF MSMG … sales definitely in mega figures in Cold War Russia and forever … decades. In Batsford’s correct 2008 edition the correct BERTOK VERSUS FISCHER game STOCKHOLM 1962 GAME 5 … 00 and move 8 … NF6xd5 (inferior here is 8 … Pe6xd5 9.Bd3 and 10Ne5! followed by Pf4 with a Pillsbury attacking formation. White has g4-g5 in the air -his line is playable for Black only with his pawn on h7 [instead of h6]).”

Jude Acers/New Orleans

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