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One thought on “Throwback Thursday #TheManInTheRedBeret

  • Jude Acers

    Jude Acers remembers:a hurricane in 48 hours… ….an all time classic Kaitlin Hanrahan /New Orleans noir photograph …..WGNO TELEVISIONS EPIC LONG GONE NOW.MEDIA CAMERAMAN/ SCRIPT WRITER /ON CAMERA WIZARD PERSONAILTY …..TYLER WING /”WINGIN IT”: and JUDE ACERS at SCI HIGH / New ORLEANS by K&D video’s monster free lancer photographer / gorgeous lifeguard on the beach..Kaitlin Hanrahan……..As the Duke of Wellington said of his hair raising victory over Napoleon at Waterloo “it was the closest thing you ever saw”….it all came down to a new pair of shoes at Walmart aside the Mississippi river…I walked for miles in the night as always- needed to switch into new shoes;; incredibly there were only two sit down chairs in the entire building .. in the 15 seconds flat i sat THERE .UNBELIEVABLY Tyler Wing zoomed in by sheer chance, recognized me from a forehead tap with a kingly chess piece I had playfully given him on :’WINGIN IT’ a year earlier… sat aside me in shock….I impulsively mentioned a phone call set up – a public school children lecture I was doing in two days…he jumped out of the Walmart chair “I AM DOING THIS…when?”… all night long I e-mailed the Kaitlin but she dismissed the wild Jude child idea as no transportation possible ..with ho hum mickey mouse seen it before drift …and the Café Du monde three musketeers meeting with Tyler Wing was just not happening…..by her own account she thunderously awoke in the night / screamed into the phone…woke up an absolutely astonished Wing, now begged for a ride in his car…she knew before we did there was a monster media hit cooking ..SCI HI JUDE ACERS SHOWS HOW HE BROKE THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD CHESS EXHIBITION. also on YouTube forever ..seen by millions and broadcast by WGNO 5 times in the coming weekend alone . It remains absolutely the most powerful New Orleans chess pop feature video since the electrifying Jude Acers national tv work by ERIC PAULSEN /’PM MAGAZINE” WWL TV/New Orleans ON JULY 21, 1981 which won Paulsen a national media award… WITH SUCH A VIDEO. HITTING LIKE A BOMB..for months it ABSOLUTELY did not dawn on anyone that a separate photograph was a monster offshoot … with magnificent GET LUCKY composition, the wild child men both in motion.. , . and showing the on camera prankster/media clown Wing in HIS real deal killer pose AS HE REALLY IS.. pulling out his machine gun mode camera amidst getting ready for serious business…with Acers in the deep background , shadow memories of more than 1,000 chess lectures/prison chess exhibitions and chess media appearances all over the world for 60 years…I had to tell both Hanrahan and Bridges/K&D video that the SCI HIGH ACERS CHESS EXHIBITION had miraculously uncorked the mother lode of all chess hype.. the gift that keeps on giving….they had KAITLIN HANRAHAN’S unbelievable MONSTER NOIR PHOTOGRAPHY running aside Wing video … running like Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes. She was fast.,,and she was long gone. unwilling to even fully own / recognize her masterpiece for years… Everything came down in two hours flat .We suspected absolutely nothing, much less an immortal photograph… lost in free pizza kindly provided on video by the gloved SCI HIGH master teacher to boot.. an all time classic photo really is tombstone as well…. following Wing and I to our graves.