Michael Ciamarra

In the spirit of Paul Morphy – Don “The Mon” Westfall’s Smothered Mate 2

Jude Acers was busy making sure the recently arrived participants who will compete in the Paul Morphy Memorial Chess Tournament were paired off to play countless, practice games. Two days of intense chess competitions awaited everyone. Jude admonished: you need the practice now! Not later but now! Chess set – […]

The best of Jude Acers’ chess writings, selected games, combinations and endgames

Dear Jude Acers fans, We are in the process of compiling select Jude games, favorite combinations, favorite endgame excerpts, endgame studies and unpublished Jude annotations and articles for a book on Jude’s chess content. We are deeply interested in publishing this book preserving Jude’s unique contributions to chess analysis and […]