Charles Broome

WSCC Conclusion 3

World Senior Chess Championship Final: home boy Jude Acers brings home a top third finish, having played a strong lineup that included four Grandmasters and three International Masters. His performance was twenty points above his FIDE rating. Just today I learned that this was done without access to a computer […]

WSSC Round 6 1

This is getting interesting. Home boy Jude Acers rang up his third consecutive win today, and now is just a half point behind the tournament leaders, three European grandmasters. Tomorrow’s opposition is Czech Grandmaster Vlastimil Jansa, a perennial top player. This is on Board 6, so should be one of […]

WSCC Round Two 1

World Senior Chess Update: despite a three hundred point rating differential, Jude battled to a draw against Grandmaster Sveshnikov in Round Two. Tomorrow he faces another tough pairing, playing on Board 9 against International Master Sharif Mehrshad of France, a 2462 rated player. This should be another live viewing opportunity.

WSCC Round One 1

World Senior Chess Championship update: in opening round action, New Orleans Chessmaster Jude Acers scored a victory with the black pieces, defeating Alavi Mir Mahmood of Iran. Jude has elevated his tournament ranking from 31st to 9th, and will next face Latvian Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov, who carries a FIDE rating […]

WSC Round Two

Jude takes a loss in a free-swinging game against GM Jansa; however, a loss to such a highly rated player should not damage his FIDE rating noticeably. Tomorrow he takes on another American player, Michael Schemm. No live viewing of this one, as it will not be one of the […]

Jude in Opatija

Every fall for five years now I have driven Jude to the airport for his journey to the World Senior Chess Championship. This has been dubbed “White Horse Limo Service”, for reasons that only Acers could adequately explain. This year, as I helped load his baggage in the White Horse […]