ChessFlash World News/June 9, 2019

This just breaking in Oslo, Norway … Norwegian Chess Federation /home of the world chess champion MAGNUS CARLSEN has its privileges … confirms 5 million dollars plus sponsorship offer with no questions asked from Kindred Online Gambling group. CHESSLAB TOLD YOU FIRST THAT CHESS WAS, WITH SOCCER … indeed … […]


World chess federation ends “fraud by draw agreement” to move 40/declares 2 hours flat/40 move time control /NEVER ANY TIME ADDED … ALSO declares knockout ELIMINATION in all world candidate/final world title match This just in from the brand new Lausanne, Switzerland World Chess Federation (FIDE) headquarters: “Fraud by draw […]

Morphy Chess & Cultural Center Opens in New Orleans

Via Chess Life Online: The Morphy Chess & Cultural Center (“Morphy”) celebrated its grand opening in New Orleans on Friday, April 5 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting, tandem simuls and one heckuva party! The opening was the start to a weekend of chess where Louisiana would be running multiple events […]

Rex Sinquefield and Jennifer Shahade take on Chess Gender Imbalance

Rex Sinquefield and Jennifer Shahade writing in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: In the U.S. Chess Federation, which has almost 100,000 members, there are nearly eight times more male players than females. Thus, at all skill levels, there are about eight times more men than women. Though the numbers sound grim, […]

The Road Machine Hits Waller, TX [Updated] 1

BONUS: Kangaroo Man in Waller sends along pictures from a recent Waller High School chess tournament: Bonus 2: John Himsel sends more pics (“Here are pics of the top 3 lady finishers”):

Throwback Thursday: The Death of Capablanca

From March 8, 2007: José Raúl Capablanca, World Chess Champion, 1921-27, died on this date in 1942. Wikipedia article: On 7 March 1942, he was happily kibitzing a skittles game at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York when he collapsed from a stroke. He was taken to Mount Sinai […]