US Chess: Stopping the Bleeding

Readers kindly note ROUND SIX :THE DUBAI IMMORTAL SIXTH “GAME,,,, Because the match produced already a staggering one in a billion duel to be seriously considered by many as the greatest world title game ever played /definitely watched live …
move by move by more viewers than any other game in world chess history… it provides the comfort of immortality…Mr. Ian Nepomniachtchi after this horrendous world championship defeat will gradually realize it does not matter one iota….he belongs to the ages … he contributed mightily to “the Dubai Immortal game” round six and he knows it…The game will follow him wherever he goes… to airline terminals, coffee shops, strange new cites and nations … huge chess exhibition crowds … dinners with Magnus Carlsen and his entire family in future years ..known the world over for The Chess Mona Lisa… Go ahead and laugh. at this … it is no joke. the game will go through time long after both players are but sand ,dust in the wind. It quite simply explains why chess is played and always will be. I told Fischer point blank at Graham Hall/ Louisiana State University/ Baton Rouge March 1964 that though Fischer felt “I still like my game against Donald Byrne” when queried as to his best game ever …” No way” I said instantly ,,,it was the shocking win Fischer had just played against (unbelievably Donalds brother) Robert Byrne: that would “live forever” :I did not see everything ..I just tried to keep the game alive , you know, going along ,avoiding a draw” Fischer told me. I was right about that game and this one too … Dubai goes into the chess hall fame for this one game . And the World Chess Federation (FIDE) remarkable no- talk -all -action disgustingly nice world class gentleman-statesman president A, Dvorkovich received this veritable gift from the gods…… absolutely unbuyable, totally unpredictable ,off the chart world chess promotion beyond measure. No person in chess history has merited a mighty promotional helping hand more. He really got the guns of Leningrad this time.

Jude Acers/ New Orleans

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