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New Orleans professional chess master/monster road machine Jude Acers to give huge Houston, Texas area ABSOLUTELY FREE CHESS LECTURE /EXHIBITION. EIGHT SCHOOLS VERSUS ACERS “Mr.humble” !!! Worldwide live media coverage … set for Waller, Texas High School from 4-8 p.m., Tue., February 26, 2019 …. absolutely free ALL SPECTATORS/MEDIA WELCOME … SPONSORED BY DAIKIN INDUSTRIES OF WALLER, TEXAS!! This just in from wild child chess fan/fierce chess organizer MR. JOHN HIMSEL of Daiken Company… (Houston area media info….JUDE ACERS of New Orleans, Louisiana./ age 74… 20 year CHESSLAB.COM world chess commentator … twice GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS holder/40 MILLION PRINTED COPIES … played 117 people at one time  at Lloyds Centre, Portland Oregon in 1973,  THEN….179 simultaneously at Mid Isle Plaza-Broadway Plaza-Long Island, New York, July 2-3, 1976.  Author of  Grandmaster Chess: Lone Pine 1975 International, The Italian Gambit System … more than 1,000 CHESS APPEARANCES IN 46 US STATES AND 20 NATIONS. TOUR FORMAT LECTURE).

The 4 immortal Chess Tips for Young Chess players ”THE GREATEST CHESS BOOK OF ALL TIME,” Acers’ memories (eyewitness FISCHER’S TWO MINUTE CHESS LESSON in BATON ROUGE,, LA/1964’ … FOR ALL TIME … Yusupov’s Immortal chess move … and finally THE GREATEST TEACHING GAME EVER PLAYED … Acers ABOLUTELY free … dozens of prison chess exhibitions on tour are world famous/ PLEASE reference online media … 25,000 word Jude Acers biography by MR. Derek Bridges K&D Video of New Orleans is here: … Jude Acers is booked worldwide by, Kristen Brabble event planner/artist management . ALL go in Texas around the clock Jude Acers set up/ arrangements by the “LOGISTICS MAESTRO” CEO/HOTLINE EXPRESS NATIONAL COURIER TRUCKING … MR. GARY SHARPE of Rocky Mount, North Carolina …TOUR CREDIT … Acers ENTIRE world chess tour format by great chess promotional genius Mr. Russell W. Miller- still alive and kicking today … living in Chelan, Washington with his wife Cathy. Logistical support is by Michael Ciamarra — world chess federation (FIDE) trainer … with Promo assistance world wide by Lynn Irby/professor of media communications /New Orleans … special thanks to the wonderful people of CHESSLAB for massive Acers chess promo for decades … AND ABOVE ALL TO OUR WONDERFUL SPONSOR DAIKEN INDUSTRIES … this one is for you!

Jude Acers

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