A Happy Visitor to the World Chess Table

For immediate release WORLDWIDE PHOTO CREDIT FOR K&D Photo + Video by the one, the only … OUR ON THE SCENE CORRESPONDENT … international traveling playgirl PAULINE WHITE … RE: FABULOUS INTERNATIONAL MAN OF ACTION/PLAYBOY/ADVERTISING TYCOON … Sir Laurie Trewinnard (no phony trite excuses like almost dying accepted thus year, Sir Laurie!) ……. definitely returning for the 52nd Paul Morphy Memorial 2018 chess tourney Sunday November 4, 2018 6-11 pm NEW ORLEANS FRENCH MARKET SEAFOOD RESTAURANT/SECOND FLOOR/1001 Decatur/NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 70116 … a tremendous list of training game partners have already signed up to play the great one training warm up games … in the fabulous HOTEL PROVINICAL LOBBY/1024 Chartres … AROUND THE CORNER AS WELL … that means you CIA/SETH OF MONA LISA PIZZA, ANNABELLE AND THE MAXWELL!  — Jude Acers/New Orleans

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