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One thought on “Happy Visitors to the World Chess Table

  • Jude Acers

    NIcO THE GREAT /THE WONDER CHESS KID and Jude Acers do the New Orleans World Chess table.death stare.. Worldwide visitors please note. DO NOT WAIT! ….do the DS!. Niko and Jude have shown the way .THEY EXPECT RESULTS NOT FRIVOLOUS TALK… Do the group photo Jude Acers death stare the very moment you arrive at the world chess table.. Recognize greatness immediately. Why wait? Photo credit of course by the ONE, THE ONLY. THE FABULOUS ‘THE MARILYN’ OF NEW ORLEANS INSIDE HER LOUISIANA PO GIRL SHACK ASIDE HER LOUISIANA PO GIRL MILLION DOLLAR POOL AND DOUBLE LAWN GARDEN. (Sir Will, “THE GARDENER:”..are those really poppies out there ??!) on site photo production/ set up by ENNIS THE IRRITATOR, THE JUDY AND SIR WILL ‘THE SCULPTOR’ ……SOUND BY THAT WEIRD WONDERFUL STRAY ORPHAN HOUND DOG…… THE MARILYN SAW THE fledging abandoned HOUND DOG AND THAT WAS IT….. INTO THE SHACK! Jude Acers/ New Orleans