CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS/Jan 28, 2015   Recently updated !

104 YEAR OLD CHESSPLAYER FINISHES THE TATA STEEL AMATEUR INTERNATIONAL … Wijk Ann Zee, Holland — Our many correspondents on Chessbase News blogs report a sprightly 104 year old Mr. Johan Hulst competed in the 2015 amateur Tata Steel chess tourney … he may have been rusty … his last tourney victory was after all long […]

Photo credit: Frans Peeters

Photo credit: Frans Peeters

CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS/Jan 25, 2015   Recently updated !

World Chess Champion Carlsen Wins monster Tata Steel 14 grandmaster tourney today… Wijk ann Zee, Holland — with 6 wins, one loss, 6 draws, World rapid,classical and blitz triple crown world chess champion M.Carlsen of Norway, highest elo rated chess grandmaster of all time, rolled to first place with easily $100,000 plus in appearance fees […]

CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS/Jan 23, 2015   Recently updated !

Polish Grandmaster shocks world #1-2 Carlsen and Caruana in Holland Tata Steel 15 grandmaster event Wijk ann Zee, Netherlands … talk about the experience of a lifetime! … in just 72 hours Polish grandmaster RADASLAW WOJTASZEK mowed down the world’s top two rated players — Norway’s Carlsen (world champion) and Caruana, world #2 … Carlsen […]

Photo credit: Frans Peeters

CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS/Jan 22, 2014   Recently updated !

MASSIVE 20 MILLION DOLLAR RENOVATION OF PAUL MORPHY CHESS HOUSE, i.e. “BREAKFAST AT BRENNAN’S” HITS NEW YORK TIMES JANUARY 20, 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana … Chesslab readers we told you all about it first! … It is true and it is big … despite a family feud, a real war of the roses that made […]

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“The Greatest Game of All Time”

Make sure you don’t miss next year’s New Orleans Chess Fest ,,,   Jude Acers @ the 2014 New Orleans Chess Fest from K&D Photo + Video on Vimeo.

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Lynn Drury Performs Cut 6 Live [Updated: “Sugar on the Floor”] 1

We present a favorite of Jude’s, the Lynn Drury Band performing “I Know You Want Me” (from her latest CD, Come To My House) at her recent birthday show at Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans, LA: “I Know You Want Me” from K&D Photo + Video on Vimeo. Cut 6 explained from K&D Photo + Video on […]

Unpublished Files: Acers v. Soltis (1978)

Acers v. Soltis, 1978 – a great game from the past In our continuing series, The Unpublished Files, we have another first.  For your review, we present to you a game that has not seen light of day since 1978. The Acers v. Soltis game was played in the National Telephone Chess League matches during […]



Unpublished Files: The first two games played at the Gazebo (possibly)

  In our ongoing series, The Unpublished Files of Jude Acers, we recently unearthed what are likely the earliest known games played by Jude at The Gazebo on Decatur Street, New Orleans. The Gazebo became Jude permanent residence in 1981. No sooner had Jude set up his chess table at this new location when his […]

You v. Duchamp

Yes, you may now play an online game of chess against “a Duchampian ghost.” Makes me wonder what a chess set of readymades would be like. h/t Dish

Duchamp chess

The Man in the Red Beret … in Croatia   Recently updated !

These videos are from our time in Opatija, Croatia for the 2013 FIDE World Seniors Chess Championships. We made these videos to stand alone or to be watched in sequence. Featured in addition to Jude Acers is Marilyn “The Marilyn” Pelias from New Orleans who also competed in Croatia, coached by Jude. The fantastic music in […]

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Unpublished Files: Acers v. Marker   Recently updated !

From our collection of Jude’s games, combinations, select endgames and unpublished manuscripts – can you spot the win? Jude’s chess table was set up at one time on Jackson Square before his permanent move to Decatur street. The position was the conclusion of a ‘fee’ game played against a Mr. Marker, New Orleans, March, 1980. […]

Acers - Marker

Galloway - Acers copy

Unpublished Files: The LA Chess Swindle 1   Recently updated !

Many of our regular readers know that Jude contributed annotations and short stories to many chess publications before the dawn of the internet. Many of his articles were published worldwide and in a variety of chess periodicals of the day. Some magazines, columnists and newspapers did not publish his articles or columns for space […]

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NEW YORK TIMES HITS WITH MONSTER ARTICLE ON CHESS … CARLSEN AND WORLD #2 CARUANA … New York, NY … Ben Greenman in the New York Times yesterday released a major article, “Young Grandmasters Try To Make Chess Cool.” You have to read it to believe how wonderful these times are a-changing! — Jude Acers