OCTOBER 5, 2013

ACERS TO PLAY IN 11 ROUND WORLD  NOVEMBER, 2013  FIDE INTERNATIONAL  SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS TOURNEY IN OPATIJA, CROATIA…….Houston,Texas ... The all-world promotional chess monster FATKATZ INTERNATIONAL (SUZEEEEEEEEEE AND THE ANONYMOUS CHIEF, “TEAM LEADER”) TODAY ANNOUNCED THAT CHESSLAB’S MONSTER ROAD CHESS MACHINE, JUDE ACERS OF NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, WILL DEFINITELY COMPETE IN THE  2013 WORLD  CHESS FEDERATION SENIOR TITLE  11 GAME TOURNEY  (OPATIJA , CROATIA–NOVEMBER 11-24, 2013) … The TRULY atomic and mysterious international playgirl, travel agent, emergency medical liaison and top secret operator personified, SUZEEEEE of FATKATZ INTERNATIONAL, MADE  THE FINAL (”GO!”) DECISION TODAY … Acers is twice high scoring American master in the world title event—the Jude Acers break of a lifetime, taking him around the world all expenses paid once a year! Modest, humble Acers—the Chess Man—is also being filmed WORLDWIDE by a ruthless, intrepid, no nonsense four horseman Louisiana movie crew following him everywhere for an entire year (Class Action Films), led by filmmaker-internet web site wizard, Mr. Derek Bridges of New Orleans … The “Google Glass” WORLDWIDE promo team New Orleans representative, George “Loki” Williams, is also in on this … Acers sported the Google Glass for the first ever Chesmaster Glass POV during his recent “Little Chess Monsters” exhibition at the New Orleans Healing Center … an electrifying, free 9-minute video sampler to show what Class Action Films can do like no other outfit … A link to the Kickstarter page for “The Man in the Red Beret,” the Jude Acers documentary, is already up on,, … Whew! Enjoy yourselves, Chesslab readers! You can “Kickstart” the project also—for goodness gracious, country and chess … send them A BUCK! Class Action Films REALLY DESERVE IT.

— Jude Acers

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