Morphy Chess & Cultural Center Opens in New Orleans

Photos by Carol Meyer

Via Chess Life Online:

The Morphy Chess & Cultural Center (“Morphy”) celebrated its grand opening in New Orleans on Friday, April 5 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting, tandem simuls and one heckuva party! The opening was the start to a weekend of chess where Louisiana would be running multiple events to name its qualifiers to the Denker (HS), Barber (K-8), National Girls’ and Senior Tournaments of Champions. These prestigious invitational events will take place during the U.S Open in August 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Leilia D’Aquin with Jude Acers. Photo by Carol Meyer

Acers considers Leila D’Aquin instantly comparable to legendary 20th century chess promo genius Russell W.Miller … legendary West coast ferocious inventor/two time monster independent promoter of Acers’ Guinness Book of World Records in Portland, Oregon (1973) and Long Island, New York (1976). She senses everything right now and seizes opportunity …  leaving everybody else riding a tricycle while she is in on the Indianapolis Speedway with a Porche … like Miller did and moves just as ruthlessly … fast like Miller … she is a really no nonsense awesome chess guerrilla. SHE NEVER ASKS PERMISSION FOR ANYTHING … SHE JUST RUTHLESSLY DELIVERS THE BACON IN THREE WEEKS FLAT/HER DREAMS … GET THIS, FOLKS, SHE DREAMED THIS WHOLE MOTHER MONSTER UP WHILE ROLLING OUT OF CAR WASH three and one half weeks ago!!!!! AND BOUGHT an entire BUILDING FOR CHESS THREE BLOCKS LATER BY PHONE MINUTES LATER … Miller never asked permission to explode chess, WAS ABSOLUTELY RUTHLESS IN GETTING RESULTS TO KIDS IN SCHOOLS (he liked big numbers like “690 kids played in one of my scholastic events today”) … and neither does she hesitate … when Ms. Leila phones we now roll according to the general’s marching orders … Ms. Leila really lays down the law … chess is now happening beyond belief bigtime in New Orleans … without any permission … She blasts away just like Russell W. Miller … FANTASTIC ACERS HITS NEW US CHESS WEBSITE WITH MONSTER PHOTOS!!!!

Jude Acers 

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