Transgender Policies: “Yo homey…is that my briefcase?” 2

FIDE stepped in it with this nonsense that Jennifer Shahade calls out, brilliantly tying it to the Chess #MeToo movement:

Last week, the International Chess Federation, or FIDE, announced new regulations on transgender players, including new restrictions on transgender women competing in women’s events and stripping trans men of previously won women’s titles. This conflicts with the policies observed by the U.S. Chess Federation and many others. (The Russian government quickly praised the decision and urged other “international sports organizations [to] follow this move.”)

FIDE’s announcement comes as chess’ MeToo movement has escalated in recent weeks. The governing body’s move seems like a smoke screen, a way to divert attention from MeToo. But the dual bigotry goes back to the origins of chess.

After FIDE’s dumbassery, US Chess reminded people of its Transgender Policy:

At their quarterly meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, the US Chess Federation’s Executive Board adopted the following transgender policy on May 20, 2018, by a unanimous vote of 7-0: “The Executive Board moves to adopt the following transgender policy as provided by legal counsel: Allow a person to identify as they choose, and allow each person one change to their gender identification. If an individual attempts a second change to gender identification, at that time the individual must provide US Chess a birth certificate, and the birth gender indicated on the birth certificate will be used to determine gender for US Chess purposes.

In the comments section, you’ll find:

And you should know that Jennifer Shahade has resigned from US Chess:

Sadly, I leave with heavy concerns. After I went public in February with a viral tweet about being assaulted by a prominent Grandmaster, things escalated quickly. More women came forward to me and a Wall Street Journal article, “How Allegations Against a U.S. Grandmaster Went Unaddressed for Years” dropped on International Women’s Day.  You can read a particularly detailed account of the timeline and institutional failures—in lichess’s “Breaking the Silence” as well as a subsequent WSJ piece on the fallout. One of the most alarming facts that came out was that US Chess sent Alejandro as a coach at the Women’s Olympiad—an event that includes over 100 minors—despite my repeated warnings (in addition to warnings from others) that he allegedly abused a 15-year-old, and that he had also attacked me. With the truth out, I was hopeful, perhaps naively so, that I could help reset the pieces and forge a better future within US Chess especially for our girls and children.

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2 thoughts on “Transgender Policies: “Yo homey…is that my briefcase?”

  • Jude Acers

    “When men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go …go global. Like zz top…be bad and nationwide. ”
    Jude Acers/ New Orleans 1982

  • Jude Acers

    Message to THE JENNIFER Shahade
    from Jude Acers/chief organizer of the thriller diller New Orleans $7,000 dollar absolutely free New Orleans “Invaders” People of New Orleans street sidewalk chess tournaments…
    Madame Jennifer. greetings!..the $2,000 New Orleans ABSOLUTELY FREE sidewalk”Invaders 3″ tourney on October 7-8, 2023 had ALL US chess affiliation rating and membership removed by the wife of a key sponsor/ donor five three days ago …she also made it absolutely clear a coming $10,000 donation to Andrew Squitiro /Envie Chess/Downriver chess club and THE 44 YEAR OLD Jude Acers world chess table goes out the window instantly if a single $7000 Invaders tourney series game is now rated by the US CHESS FEDERATION. Period.
    It is simply amazing what $17,000 absolutely free money for chess players/ THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS CHESS can do to your already intense sense of justice and intense no nonsense allowed priorities…TO THE JENNIFER .. this is how the world really works…chess in the real world ..the rights of women also… not a nudge or a wink but the full monte…a most helpful knock on the head indeed!
    Very respectfully yours. Jude Acers of New Orleans