Richard Shorman (1938-2023) [UPDATED] 2

RICHARD SHORMAN (1938 – 2023): A chess columnist for the Hayward Daily Review for over 13 years (1967 – 1981), the Fremont-Newark Argus and the Dublin-Livermore-Pleasanton Herald & News (both 1968-1974), he also occasionally ghostwrote a couple of other SF Bay Area chess columns; George Koltanowski’s column (early 1960’s) and Jude Acers’ Berkeley Barb (1972-75). He also proofread and corrected the Jude Acers’ column. Co-instigator of that famous SF East Bay legend, the Cherryland Café (1962-1977), Harold James (proprietor and cook) provided the place and a sarcastic wit, Richard provided the chess and a dry wit.

Read the rest here — and don’t worry about the “Not Secure” warning. The site is fine.

Update: Check out this 25-year-old video footage by Chris Mavo.

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