A Fabulous “Cover Stories with Chess Life” Podcast — But USCF Deleted Jude’s Comments? What’s Going On, USCF?

Jude Acers is a big fan of a new Chess Life podcast (go here) — but did comments by Jude on the USCF post announcing the podcast get deleted? Here’s a screenshot of the first comment that got deleted:

Kat the Lifeguard (Kaitlin Hanrahan of K & D Photo + Video) noticed it was deleted and added a comment asking where it went:

Then Jude’s comment was reinstated — briefly. Now both of Jude’s comments have been deleted, as well as Kat the Lifeguard’s comment:

And, as you can see, comments are closed.

But don’t fear, intrepid reader, here’s Jude’s other (since deleted) comment:

And Sir Edward Morphy (aka The Laminator) also had a comment deleted, apparently because he had the audacity to agree with Jude:

Sometimes folks think Jude is just being outlandish or paranoid when he complains about the USCF, particularly when it comes to the organization’s penchant for stifling views and censorship. But what’s this? Fuel for his fire.

We invite the USCF to respond — we promise not to delete any comments.

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