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One thought on “TheManInTheRedBeret on IG

  • Jude Acers

    OCTOBER 2017 …VERY RARE IN ACTION/ DRAMATIC FOOTAGE OF K&D VIDEO MONSTER DOCUMENTARIAN /CAMERAMAN/journalist #1 /WEBMASTER DEREK BRIDGES Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina at the Imperial Centre (world wide photo credit COURTESY KRISTEN BRABBLE EVENT PLANNING / ARTIST MANAGEMENT)…. Acers note: DEREK BRIDGES … six years all over the world filming his fabulous THE MAN IN THE RED BERET film project WHILE ALSO talking the scalding hot redhead film maker and nifty lifeguard KAITLIN HANRAHAN to swim along for the ride for the entire 2,000 days…a complete master at hiding his face behind the camera , Mr. Bridges’ cover is almost never blown.. often .uses his hands to skillfully block thoroughly clued in , rapidly mushrooming and focused fan base cameras in emergencies…it will not work much longer Derek baby as your video hits fall 2018 film festivals worldwide ,,you STILL have to SHOW YOURSELF / answer ENDLESS phone calls and do business everywhere ..the rest of us are ALREADY PRACTICING OUR TOTAL DISCLAIMERS while shaving in the mirror..”DEREK BRIDGES..WHO ? .. i barely know the guy!. In fact now that you mention his name … I actually sleep under a bridge in a tent, have no cell phone WITH little human contact, pick up my mail at the post office once a year…awfully glad DEREK BRIDGES WON THE ACADEMY AWARD FOR SHORT FILM though… YOU ARE THE FIFTH PERSON TO ASK ME ABOUT THIS GUY BRIDGES IN TWO DAYS”…its already legendary…Bridges must be almost held up with a gun to photograph. him..he is also SUCH A WORLD CLASS AND DISGUSTINGLY NICE GENTLEMAN you ABSOLUTELY want to scream in frenzied state of envy and hang him from a nearby New Orleans French Market oak tree….THANKS KRISTEN! You just got lucky.