“Staggering swindle of a lifetime!”


Photo credit: K&D Photo+Video

Michael Ciamarra quotes Jude Acers in his latest chess column at Al.com:

A number of very memorable, instructive games were played at the 42nd World Chess Olympiad in Baku. But there was one game that bordered on extraordinary.


In Round 7 of the Olympiad, the American team defeated the strong Indian team. It was the game on board four between Grandmasters Sam Shankland and S.P. Sethuraman that would be second-to-none in dramatic turn-of-events, courageous valor and tenacity.


New Orleans Chess Master Jude Acers was very impressed by the game’s ferocity and imaginative desperation that ultimately saved the game. “Shankland required the seven wonders of the world, plus the parting of seven seas to achieve his unbelievable, staggering swindle of a lifetime!” Acers believes the Shankland – Sethuraman contest to be one of the best games from a world team event. “Truly, this was one of the greatest fighting chess games in world team history. It simply must be seen and played over repeatedly to be appreciated much less really believed,” he said.

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