BAKU 2016 WORLD 42ND  CHESS OLYMPIAD GOLD TEAM CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP WON BY MONSTER TEAM USA CHESS TODAY …  Baku, Azerbaijan … THEY ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!     CARUANA … SO …NAKAMURA … SHANKLAND … BENSON  CAME THROUGH UNDEFEATED … THAT IS RIGHT … NEVER LOST A TEAM MATCH DURING THE ENTIRE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS TEAMS … WIN BY HUGE TIEBREAK ADVANTAGE OVER TEAM MATCH POINTS FIRST PLACE TIED TEAM  UKRAINE  (SECOND) SILVER MEDAL WITH RUSSIA  THIRD BRONZE TEAM MEDAL  … POWERED BY TODAY’S TREMENDOUS WINS BY  TEAM USA CARUANA OVER BAREEV  (Canada) PLUS A HAIR RAISING THRILLER BY TEAM USA SO VERSUS LESIEGE (Canada) … AN ELECTRIFYING FINAL ROUND 2.5 -1.5  victory…… TO WIN 9 TOTAL TEAM MATCHES AND TIE…. 2. REPEAT… NEVER LOSING A SINGLE MATCH THROUGHOUT THE  INCREDIBLE ALL TIME RECORD 320 MEN /WOMEN  TEAM INTERNATIONAL EVENT … it is not known at this hour if billionaire team sponsors  REX AND JEANNE SINQUEFIELD   (St. Louis Scholastic and Chess Center) are personally flying in to thank Team  USA captain /working class hero MR. JOHN DONALDSON DEAN OF AMERICAN CHESS”… what is known is that the banquet aplenty  is getting prepared in St.Louis  for  the homecoming monster team … the mass media is  understandably taken TOTALLY  unaware, will have the greatest difficulty covering the humongous event in post mortem look back.  CHESSLAB READERS …  I have waited a lifetime for this moment … Oh how sweet it is … and a real  heartfelt goodbye to the do nothing , so called  US Chess Federation Association of petite amateurs … the pro killers are taking over, baby. Cash rides, talk walks … Money honey.

Jude Acers

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