Tuesday Nights @ The Mechanics’ Institute

“Do not miss this quiet but terrific piece … how chess can and must be promoted.”

— Jude Acers 


Photo credit: Brian Johnson

Photo credit: Brian Johnson

Lea Suzuki/San Francisco Chronicle (h/t John Donaldson):

Forty chess boards and tables were ordered in rows throughout the Chess Room for the Tuesday Night Marathon at the Mechanic’s Institute. Numbered cards rested on the tables, indicating where the night’s pairings were to be seated.


Gomboluudev, ranked one of the top 100 girls under 13 in the United States, and Elliott Winslow, an International Master, exchanged the customary handshake across the chessboard and began their game.


“The things I enjoy most about the chess room is playing against other people and learning about it,” Gomboluudev said. “I think it kind of expands my way of thinking, for maybe like math and kind of like history a little.”

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