LONDON, ENGLAND — ITALIAN CHESSPLAYER SHOCKS WITH VIDEO CAMERA AND MORSE CODE ARM FLAPPING … IS REMOVED FOR CHEATING AFTER MOWING DOWN UNPRECEDENTED MASTER OPPONENTS … THIS JUST IN from the British Broadcasting World News/La Stampa Italian Newspaper … we told you FIRST Chesslab readers! … We are headed toward one hour flat International money chess games with no player ever leaving the board during the entire game amidst World Chess Federation (FIDE) ranked play … IT IS HAPPENING FOR REAL … a 37 year old Italian chess player with an a PENDANT NECKLACE miniature video camera attached to a small wireless transmitting box beneath his arm has been expelled for cheating after a truly astonished tourney director ran him through a metal detector. Italian chessplayer Mr.Arcangelo Ricciardi, currently ranked #51,366 worldwide, defeated unprecedented top Italian chess tourney opposition before coming under the watchful eye of chief Fide referee Mr.Jean Coqueraut … reportedly Mr. Coqueraut intensely witnessed Mr. Ricciardi flapping his arms while keeping his hands beneath his armpits … also fluttering his eyelids in morse code blinking–confirmation of moves … Mr.Ricciardi would not at first unbutton his shirt to reveal a transmitting pendant camera displaying the game position as it happened … in far distance an alleged escaping confederate with a top chess computer programmer was definitely relaying morse code signals according to the international arbiter.

Mr. Coqueraut told Italian newspaper La Stampa,

Such performances never happen in chess history.

(CHESSLAB note: Special thanks to New Orleans musical producer MR.SCOTTY HILL who contributed to this article)

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