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jude and tisserands

Photo credit: K&D Photo+Video

MONSTER BREAK OF A LIFETIME FOR NEW ORLEANS 2015 PAUL MORPHY MEMORIAL CHESS TOURNEY PLAYER/”CHESSFEST” INVENTOR/AUTHOR/HISTORIAN MICHAEL TISSERAND OF NEW ORLEANS … HITS THE NEW YORK TIMES FRONT PAGE TODAY WITH A FULL PAGE “ON THE TRAIL OF A CREOLE MUSIC PIONEER, STILL ALIVE IN SONG” … the fantastic saga of tragic Creole accordion music player AMEDE ARDOIN (1898-1942), a Louisiana music immortal who (thanks to feisty, totally unforgiving Mr. Michael Tisserand) will not remain buried in an anonymous grave … horribly beaten in racist Louisiana, dying in the Pineville, Louisiana mental facility — ruthlessly captured for keeps in a now never to be forgotten authoritative source … Mr. Amede Ardoin is New York Times-referenced today by the Michael Tisserand book THE KINGDOM OF ZYDYCO.

New Orleans chess players/Chesslab readers all over the world know the name all right! He is the “too busy to take the Steve Gleason charity ice bucket challenge” victim who was water bombed (and by his absolutely gorgeous daughter to boot!) at the Jude Acers world chess table in New Orleans [author’s note: Chesslab readers … Not to be missed … the Tisserand wild child also WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM video ice bombed Acers later]  … and captured wild west, live, up close and personal for all time by KD VIDEO — YOU TUBE/VIMEO AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD …

Michael Tisserand is too busy to take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from K&D Photo + Video on Vimeo.

For CHESSLAB readers just tuning in … MICHAEL TISSERAND — the super connected, disgustingly well mannered golden gentleman of New Orleans children’s chess organization, started his epic New Orleans citywide children’s chess program CHESSFEST after teaching chess to a daughter for ten years. Things really mushroomed with the New Orleans Advocate newspaper — Pulitzer prizewinning cartoonist Walt Handlesman’s pro bono cartoon logo and CHESSFEST poster last year..both father and daughter are also named to the legendary 2015 Paul Morphy Memorial “Money Honey”chess tourney entrants list … (Sunday, November 1, 2015 … 6-11 p.m., New Orleans French Market Seafood Restaurant, 1001 Decatur, rear patio).

Jude Acers

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