The Chess-Playing Flambeaux Carrier

Nick Tamm

MARDI GRAS 2015 .. .the fabulous Paul Morphy memorial CHESSPLAYER … twice a Morphy section winner … MR. NICHOlAS TAMM, legendary king of the New Orleans skateboard titans/construction crew master worker (ATTENTION MR.ROYDEN” PO-BOY “ LYNCH OF COMPUTROLS!!) … shows his ferocious, unbelievable curiosity … Became “the first and only white guy“ flamebeaux MARDI GRAS PARADE flame carrier!” … and he had a tremendous blast … AFTER TWO PARADES MR TAMM REPORTS HE IS “ABSOLUTELY HOOKED” FOR LIFE AND WAS THUNDERSTRUCK TO DISCOVER HE WAS EVEN PAID TO DO IT! … INDEED.  “I will be doing it as long as I live.” Only In New Orleans! NOTE: Yes … Mr.Tamm … the darling of the ladies, plays the 2015 THE BIG KAHUNA SECTION A, MORPHY MEMORIAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT … Sunday, November 1, 2015. — Jude Acers



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