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LONDON, ENGLAND … CHESS IRON MAN JOURNALIST/HISTORIAN MARK CROWTHER HITS 1,000th “THE WEEK IN CHESS” IN DAYS … chess players all over the world are joyously noting with bona fide amazement how the hits just keep on coming … the unprecedented 1,000 weeks in a row, absolutely free gift to the entire chess world … the one thousandth straight weekly MONDAYS chess wrap up of chess news is coming in just days … … Mr. Mark Crowther took off like a wild eyed indian decades ago with early massive assistance from Mr.Malcolm Pein (international chess master – London Chess Center business wizard) … when the cost eventually was understandably prohibitive … Mr. Crowther then courageously took flight solo and kept the amazing Crowther masterworks afloat (each archived for two years) … Whew! A real electronics tech marvel … Mr. Crowther has one unrivaled nuclear weapon in the kit bag of tricks … he is just about the only chess professional in the entire world who likes to fiddle 24 hours a day with game scores, databases, plus 200 chess player score tables … indeed, with beaucoup almost daily twitter delight tossed from atop the hidden Crowther mountaintop, Mr. Crowther records absolutely every available FIDE world chess federation tournament on the planet. May all good winds and happiness come to THE chess iron man Mr. Mark Crowther. And special thanks indeed on behalf of Chesslab readers in 150 plus nations.

Jude Acers

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