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Photo credit: Andrius Vanagas

London, England … LONDON “CHESS CLASSIC SUPER 16” INTERNATIONAL 2013 TOURNEY officials have confirmed THE GUARANTEED payout to winner … World # 3 ranked SUPER CHESS GRANDMASTER, AMERICAN CHESS GREAT H. NAKAMURA … 50,000 EUROS OR 70,000 PLUS AMERICAN US DOLLAR … as world number three ranked elo player Mr. Nakamura (ALSO MASSIVELY BACKED BY REX THE GREAT AND JEANNE SINQUEFIELD OF THE CHESS CLUB AND SCHOLASTIC CHESS CENTER OF ST. LOUIS) also cashed in with big bonus baby arrival cash and absolutely all expenses were in effect guaranteed. Again, no longer are tragic top US players desperately, horribly dependent on lawsuit plagued, deceitful, uncaring, often quite evil U.S. Chess Federation amateur officials and their truly pathetic little kingdom of crumbs … it is starting for real … a wonderful chess world out there now — indeed, truly first class all the way RIGHT NOW for America’s world number three. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST.

Jude Acers

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