Baku, Azerbaijan — The awesome absolutely undefeated in every single gameUNITED STATES OF AMERICA chess team (CARUANA , NAKAMURA, SO, SHANKLAND) today shocked India’s world number one team … and roared into world number one ranking in the 42nd World Chess Olympiad with 16 games and four rounds remaining. The billionaire St. Louis, Missouri mega chess organizers Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield just watched in complete amazement from afar at the great potential of the beloved killer wrecking crew that they totally financed (“the US Chess Federation must die so that chess can live” — Jude Acers/Chesslab) … and believed in all the way … came home and delivered the bacon like never seen before. World top ten FIDE player USA board one Mr. Fabiano Caruana of St. Louis supplied yesterday’s thrilling grind it out endgame winning USA victory — held a held a draw on board one today versus India while an incredible 3-0 game India wipeout occurred … leaving world wide video watchers agog. On game 4 board … California’s super 2014 Olympiad gold medal board winner grandmaster MR. SAM SHANKLAND required the seven wonders of the world, a dozen priests, plus the parting of seven seas to achieve his unbelievable staggering swindle of a lifetime … after being totally outplayed by India’s board 4 grandmaster S.P. Sethuraman …. Mr. Sethuraman, not believing his eyes … was so stunned, visibly shaken after missing win after winning continuation … that he left his queen where it could be captured for free … just moving his king away from protecting her majesty! According to World Chess Federation Baku online video computers Mr. Sethuraman missed 40 plus winning moves earlier. Truly one of the greatest fighting chess games in world team history … It simply must be seen and played over repeatedly to be appreciated much less really believed. We all know it now, Chesslab readers … with movie star looks to boot that knocks the ladies silly … Mr. Shankland is clearly a Wild West olympian cinema hero that simply can’t be caught!


Jude Acers

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