Photo credit: Frans Peeters

WIJK AAN ZEE, Holland — AMERICAN WESLEY SO AGAIN (9-4 UNDEFEATED) SHOCKS THE CHESS WORLD, WINS 14 player TATA STEEL INTERNATIONAL ONE FULL POINT AHEAD OF WORLD CHESS CHAMPION MAGNUS CARLSEN TODAY … Tremendous wild west games in the final round featured a murderous piece sacrifice, endgames that were sending analysts reeling … by world championship contestants S. Karjakin and Carlsen who really went at it hammer and tongs, a thriller finally drawn while black pieces defender Grandmaster So of Minnesota got I. Nepomniachtchi to engage in a truly Alice in Wonderland attack that was incredibly dead lost for white at move 10! What a wonderful tournament it was … and the fantastic undefeated run of Mr. So continues … running $500,000+ to boot and totally undefeated along the way … Mr. So won the gold world team chess championship medal on the 2016 Baku Olympiad US team, the world chess “grand tour”, London Classic, Sinquefield Cup. Chesslab told you FIRST this was going to happen … this is the golden era. The American chess boom of all time is now on for real.

Jude Acers

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