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San Francisco, California — THIS JUST IN FROM 2016 WORLD CHAMPION CHESS OLYMPIAD TEAM CAPTAIN MR. JOHN DONALDSON–“THE DEAN OF AMERICAN CHESS” and DIRECTOR OF THE MECHANICS INSTITUTE CHESS ROOMS, 57 POST STREET, 4TH FLOOR SAN FRANCISCO–it really is true … and the 5 mega event “Grand Tour” chess circuit’s 1.2 million dollars says so … TWO non stop, truly frenzied “Grand Tour” super top ten grandmaster chess tourneys/back to back/21 days in a row … in St. Louis Missouri JULY 31-AUGUST 20, 2017 … Oh Mama! Courtesy of YOU KNOW WHO … the fabulous billionaire USA world chess team championship team sponsor wizards REX AND JEANNE SINQUEFIELD. The massive calendar solution CLEVERLY saves a veritable fortune in cash for world TOP TEN pro chess players/media coverage–notably Ashley the Titan, Jennifer Shahade and Yasser Seirawan who will be most delightfully sorely tested for an unprecedented 21 straight days … the entire crew will never want to even see a video camera or a chess figure again … Jennifer alone (the wonder woman chess media survivor) will need 20 atomic, camera ready nuclear fashionista outfits AND those natty world class suit and tie online commentator men Ashley/Seirawan are going to really feel this one bigtime, up close and personal in their wallets. (CHESSLAB SUGGESTS A WARDROBE/MAKEUP TENT OUTSIDE THE COMBAT ZONE … REPLETE WITH SLEEPING BAGS FOR THE ENTIRE MEDIA CREW. Anything less would be positively uncivilized. Almost everyone invading the coffee shop/ kitchen of the St. Louis Chess and Scholastic Center will be staring at world top 10 grandmasters–with world champion Carlsen PLUS the entire GOLD MEDAL USA world chess Olympiad team likely … peeking at thee everywhere. Chesslab told you so FIRST … the American chess boom of all time is really on … this is it, period. THE GOLDEN ERA. Glad indeed (and somewhat puzzled) that I lived–quite hale and hearty to see this wonderful moment … why me … the chosen one … why of my generation did I alone comfortably survive? I do not know.

Jude Acers

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