New York City, NY — Shocking with the black pieces with the all time great classical defense of the golden Ruy Lopez opening … World Chess champion MAGNUS CARLSEN at last after 20 MURDEROUS days roared into the one game lead over the tremendous defensive miracle Houdini … S. Karjakin of Russia … the first and only Carlsen lead EVER … now one hour away from the world title playoff victory in the million dollar plus 2016 world title match with one more rapid game remaining and with the highest rated elo grandmaster of all time in charge … having the white pieces in the final round 4 rapid one hour long game. No further blitz games will be played if Carlsen draws in just one hour. It was just one unbelievable ride after another and believe me CHESSLAB READERS … this historic match with numerous 6 hour long games all but killed both players. Never again. World championship chess must change totally.

Jude Acers

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