Photo credit: Esther Dyson

Photo credit: Esther Dyson

AMERICANS NAKAMURA-SO … SHOCK KASPAROV, WIN THE “ULTIMATE” 18-GAME SPEED BLITZ 4 GRANDMASTER TOURNEY … St. Louis, Missouri … WELL, FOLKS … Chesslab told you what was going to happen long ago… THE MONSTER AMERICAN CHESS BOOM OF ALL TIME IS NOW ON FOR REAL … Today 20 thousand dollars went into H. NAKAMURA’s pockets thanks to the electrifying second place finisher WESLEY SO’S three wins versus chess immortal KASPAROV with US champion CARUANA in terrible form finishing last … the thriller saw the former world champion/immortal chess annotator … in fabulous form to fight the youngsters in this strongest exhibition event since retirement … Mr. Kasparov’s 18 ferocious games were thrill packed/rapid fire theory work and only Mr. So managed a plus score with the granddaddy of all chess grandmasters! Final score: NAKAMURA 11/18, 2.SO 10/18, 3.KASPAROV 9.5 /18 (PLUS SCORE!), 4. CARUANA 5.5/18.

Jude Acers

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