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H. NAKAMURA wins $45,000 … IS 2015 US CHESS CHAMPION …

St. Louis, Missouri … H. Nakamura today employed a rare Jude Acers “ITALIAN GAMBIT SYSTEM” SIDELINE to defeat A. ONISCHUK … winning the US National Chess Championship undefeated with a tremendous 8-3 score … world top ten grandmaster W. So also crushed his last round opponent … capping a truly magnificent two victory comeback following the super grandmaster’s astounding, unbelievable, unprecedented forfeiture amidst alleged “poor unsporting penmanship” in Round 9! … grandmaster R. Robson was breathing down Mr. Nakamura’s neck all the way … finished this truly fantastic event … one half point behind … yes, a huge second place in the greatest event of his entire life … The future for American chess is bright indeed!

Jude Acers

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