Jude’s 21 Greatest “On the Road” Hits of All Time

 AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE IN TIME……. 1. ANGEL OF THE MORNING (Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts) 2. ONE SUMMER NIGHT (The Danleers) 3. MAYBE (Arlene Smith, lead singer and the Chantels) 4. LOVE YOU SO (Ron Holden) 5. JET’AIME MOI NON PLUS (Gainsbourg/Birkin/Bardot 6. EVOL NOT LOVE (The Five Americans) 7. […]


LOMBARDY DIES IN MARTINEZ CAIFORNIA AT AGE 79 San Francisco , California  — This just in from John Donaldson/ US world chess championship team Olympiad captain:  American chess immortal WILLIAM LOMBARDY (1957 WORLD JUNIOR CHESS CHAMPION WITH AN ASTOUNDING NEVER EQUALED 11-0 SCORE) … world  chess historical chess grandmaster figure (1972 Fischer world title […]

We’re back

A malware attack knocked the site down for a week or so — but, as you can see, we’re back up and running. Stay tuned for  updates about Jude’s recent travels to Alabama and North Carolina …   — Editor